version 0.9

New Now updated to use libSDL2, so it can compile and run on modern machines.

New Now with tile-editing mode, more export options, and other updates.

New Updated for the discriminating users of the 2020s!

EnvisionPC is a graphics editing program similar to the old Atari program Envision.


Obligatory screen shots
Character editing
Map editing

The EnvisionPC manual (ASCII only, at the moment)

Download EnvisionPC 0.9 (includes 64-bit binaries for Windows 7/8/10 and Ubuntu 20.04, along with full source and documentation)

Or, download the older EnvisionPC 0.8 (includes binaries for Winows9x/2000/XP and older versions of Linux, along with full source and documentation)

Download the MacOSX 0.8 version here (includes MacOSX binary, assumes that you have installed the framework version of libSDL already installed.)

LibSDL2 can be found here.

An .XFD disk image suitable for use with an emulator containing two very simple BASIC programs to load and display single screen Envision maps can be found here. A more complete explaination of the disk's contents is here.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact me.