ATasm version 1.09

version 1.09
A mostly Mac/65 compatible cross-assembler

ATasm is a 6502 command-line cross-assembler that is compatible with the original Mac/65 macroassembler released by OSS software. Code development can now be performed using "modern" editors and compiles with lightning speed.

ATasm is hosted at

ATasm Features:

New in 1.09

In addition to included Windows binary, ATasm compiles cleanly under Linux, MacOS/X or any platform with the GNU C compiler.

Download the current and older releases from SourceForge. (includes Windows binary, complete source code, documentation and sample Mac/65 source files)

The latest package can be obtained locally.

You can also view the .PDF manual here and the changelog.

If you intend to compile the package yourself, and you do not have the zlib compression library installed on your machine, download it from the zlib homepage.

Questions or comments? Feel free to contact me via the SourceForge project.